4 Postnatal Supplements Every Nursing Mom Should Invest In


There is a lot that is happening when you become a mother. Your body has just given birth to another human and as something has left you, there has also been a depletion of resources within your body and that is bound to make you a little different from what you were before. It is one time when meditation or any other relaxation therapy probably won’t work for you.

It is important that you move to a postnatal plan or supplement regimen to ensure that you recover in the best way from pregnancy to childbirth to now nursing.

New mothers often skip that nutrition and supplements stage while taking care of their new baby. It is natural to have overwhelming feelings during the first couple of months. But what I need you to remember is that if you don’t take care of yourself properly, you will not be able to extend the same love for your child.

As you begin breastfeeding, you need to be even more careful. So, often the focus is exclusively on pregnancy and childbirth that you just neglect yourself. Also, your nutrition profile and diet has a direct impact on the health of the milk that you produce. How are you going to impart nutrients you yourself lack in.


Before I begin I would like to point out that food comes first and supplements for sure second. You can pump yourself with nutrients to the brim but the truth is unless you have a good diet none of it will work.

A poor diet is a one-way ticket to bad health. Supplements help enhance or complete the diet you already have. They do not have the power to replace anything. Have a varied food diet and then add on to the same with some great supplements.

Once your baby enters the world, your body’s needs transform. There is an increase in your body’s need for nutrients like folate, vitamin B6, iron, vitamin D3 climbs up. This is especially true if you are nursing.

Some essential supplements are : 



Every multivitamin has key vitamins and minerals in its makeup that the body needs. A doctor will usually recommend you have especially during the early days of nursing.

You are having these to aid in red blood cell production. Additionally, you also get some amount of fermented iron and methyl folate in your system.  This is to help support your body’s energy requirements. Some studies also state that B vitamins help offset fatigue and stress. Not to forget it also works as a great part of your skincare routine.

If you are having this supplement try and make super-foods like oats, kelp, turmeric, and chamomile a part of your diet to aid the functions of this supplement. Don’t forget


Fish Oil

Unless you are allergic, there is no better supplement than fish oil to get your daily quota of fatty acid DHCA. Most supplements on the market are available in your standard easy to swallow soft gel capsules.

Apart from DHCA you also get omega fatty acids 3,5,6,7 & 9 and naturally sourced vitamin D3 with fish oil.

This supplement helps in a two-fold manner. First is the healthy development of the brain and eye for the baby and the second is uplifting the mood of the mother along with better heart health.


Iron Food

Now this supplement, to be truly effective, needs to enter your system while you are on an empty stomach. It is easy to digest and has all the vitamins and minerals that one requires to support blood health.

Once you take this supplement you are looking at better hemoglobin and myoglobin levels. Most tablets on the market are created with the blood loss that one incurs during pregnancy in mind.

Childbirth diminishes a lot of resources in a mother’s body and to build up the blood levels is an important part of the postnatal recovery.


As far as new mothers go there are many benefits of probiotics. There is a weakened immune system that needs to be taken into account of the lack of nutrients in the body. Probiotics help regulate the metabolism and build up immunity.

Other ailments that probiotics help tackle are some of the most common new mothers face. Acid reflux, constipation, and eczema are on top of that list.

Before you decide to invest or start taking a new supplement, browse a couple of digital resume to figure out which pediatrician will be the best fit for you. Additionally, you should also look for a doctor that can help you with realistic health goals. The aim is not to lose weight, it is rather to promote a healthier lifestyle which is beneficial for both you and the baby.

If you are leaning towards natural supplements even then check-up with a doctor as certain herbal products can produce side effects. As you wean your child off breastfeeding you can cut down on supplements as well.


Michael is a physical fitness trainer from LA. Apart from spending time training his high profile clients, he loves to hike and spend time with his 2 children. You can often find him whipping up a creative recipe for his kids every now and then.

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