Author: Michael Green

Michael is a physical fitness trainer from LA. Apart from spending time training his high profile clients, he loves to hike and spend time with his 2 children. You can often find him whipping up a creative recipe for his kids every now and then.

Do Video Games Make Children Smarter? – A Survey

Video games! The two words reminded me of my childhood. I used to play games a lot. Finishing my homework and sticking to my gaming station—the excitement was great. Over the years, I realized that video games actually help in boosting mental health. Video games provide challenging environments and fun puzzles, which deliver complete entertainment. […]

Having an ESA at work can be beneficial for you. See how

There are certainly numerous benefits of having an ESA. They can help you with symptoms of various psychological ailments, such as depression, stress, anxiety, etc. If you have an ESA, your symptoms will be alleviated, or even fully cured sometimes, in just no time. Just having an ESA can make your life so easy-going. You […]

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