Do Video Games Make Children Smarter? – A Survey


Video games! The two words reminded me of my childhood. I used to play games a lot. Finishing my homework and sticking to my gaming station—the excitement was great. Over the years, I realized that video games actually help in boosting mental health.

Video games provide challenging environments and fun puzzles, which deliver complete entertainment. Are the games good for children? Since their minds are in the development phase, many think that games may cause problems. But, it’s not actually. Let’s see what a survey conducted in 2012 says.

The Survey

In the digital age, internet usage among teens across different countries has increased. Students usually spend a lot of time playing online games and using social media. Thus, it’s important to learn how internet usage affects the lives of children.

A survey of 12,004 students across 772 schools was conducted to analyze the effects of online games on mental ability. The study was published in the International Journal of Communication. Results were collected based on the performance of participants in math, reading, and science tests.

Researchers noted that the scores of students who used social media were lower as compared to those used online gaming. Thus, we can say that playing online games help children develop problem-solving skills and meet their challenges easily.

Top Video Games That Can Make Children Smarter

Strategy Games

Strategy games allow the brain to plan for things, and create a strategy using limited resources. When playing these games, the player needs to be more flexible and should be quick in changing the tactics and dynamics accordingly.

By playing strategy games, your children can learn how to make quick decisions based on situations and sharpen their memory and strengthen reasoning abilities. Some of the best strategy games are—Starcraft, Civilization, Minecraft with Minecraft Survival Servers, and XCom Enemy Unknown.

Action Role Playing Games

In the action games, you play a character in a fictional world, and face challenges. You need to make your way through dangerous environments to reach the goals. Just like strategy games, you need to make quick decisions. The action games work on players’ inductive reasoning skills, allowing them to think practically to reach the solutions.

In Witcher 3, the player searches for his adopted daughter. The game takes the player through various challenges, providing an opportunity to earn points that he can use for buying stuff to get help to succeed. The game involves a lot of decision making and coordination. Some other action role games are—Diablo, The Elder Scrolls, and Mass Effect.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games make players work their brains to figure out different patterns to solve the puzzles. Players need to think logically to solve problems under pressure in a limited time. There’s a wide range of puzzle games that are played casually, and they are simple to play. The popularity of digital devices gave rise to puzzle games, and now everyone can access them easily.

In Cut the Rope Series, you have to use game physics to solve particular puzzles. It’s not easy. The player helps the character to collect candies by manipulating objects and getting through the obstacles. In every level, you see a new challenge. Some of the other popular puzzle games are—2048, Portal, and Little Big Planet.

Sports Games

Children love playing sports games. These games require great hand-eye coordination while achieving the goals. You can find a wide range of sports games for Android and Apple devices online. Easy downloads and easy to play. Quick thinking, analysis and decision making allow players to learn various skills. Sports games encourage children to incorporate physical exercises in their daily schedules.

FIFA game is designed to provide real-life playing experience, allowing you to control the world’s best players during the match.

To sum up, video games provide great entertainment, and everyone (especially children) love playing them and meeting different challenges. They can help in developing various life skills as well. Children can learn self-control, resolve problems, and make quick decisions based on situations. A study conducted in 2012 found that students who played online video games performed better in science, math and reading tests. The internet has a wide range of games that can be played using smartphones and tablets. You can choose to play action games, sports games, puzzle games, and strategy games.

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