Importance of a Good Dental Hygiene


Did you know that your oral health can determine how good your overall health is, without even looking elsewhere. There is a reason why your dentist is harping at you to brush and floss regularly. A good oral hygiene is not only important to have a healthy mouth, but it can also help your appearance and overall life quality.

Along with your dental health professional, you can pave a way for a top notch dental hygiene spree. You can prevent numerous dental health problems that can and will translate to a better quality of life.

What we tend to forget about is the importance of healthy gums, which are the foundations on which our teeth are. Dental studies have shown that unhealthy gums and gum diseases can lead to eventual tooth decay and more. Other health problems like heart complications, strokes, diabetes complications and respiratory issues are further linked to gum diseases.

Nicotine and tobacco have had a bad history with oral hygiene issues, being associated with many complications and health deterioration. CBD can be a good way to not just leave cigarettes and doesn’t bring nearly the health problems that cigarettes do. You can read more about the benefits of CBD and delta 8.

Now coming back, we have put together a list of more benefits associated with a healthy mouth.

Having Healthy Teeth

Tooth loss can incomprehensibly be preventable and the only possible way to achieve the same is by keeping good oral hygiene. By brushing just twice a day, visiting your dental health professional and maintaining a low sugar diet, one can achieve good oral hygiene. This makes them least susceptible to contracting diseases like dental decay and gum disease – both of which can result in tooth loss.

Studies suggest that the number of healthy teeth one has can be proportional to how long they live. People with 20 or more teeth have a higher likelihood of living north of 70, than those who had less than 20 teeth.

Reducing the risk of disease

When we have gum disease, the bacteria from our mouth can get into the bloodstream. It then produces a protein which causes the blood to thicken. This means that clots are more likely to form, and the heart is not getting the nutrients and oxygen it needs, resulting in increased risk of endocarditis and systemic complications.

Similarly, gum disease can also cause inflammation of the blood vessels, blocking the blood supply to the brain, leading to a potential stroke.

Have a Healthy Baby

Hormones are the driving force to most of our actions and emotions. Pregnancy causes all sorts of hormonal changes and it is studied that there is a twenty five percent chance that a pregnant woman with gum disease could give birth before 35 weeks.Whereas women with healthier gums are around three times less likely to have a premature baby. This reduces the risk of low birth weight in babies.

Not just hormones, but Oral infections also seem to increase the risk for or contribute to low birth weight in newborns.

*A Good Appearance

Keeping our teeth clean and healthy can help us steer clear of bad breath (halitosis). Bad breath is very common and is often caused by a buildup of plaque and is a symptom of gum disease and tooth decay, as well as being embarrassing and undesirable.

Another very common condition that can affect our appearance is tooth staining. Tooth staining is natural and comes with the ‘wear and tear’ usually associated with smoking, or drinking lots of tea, coffee or red wine.

Stained teeth are not usually harmful and tend to have little impact on the health of our teeth. Although having stained teeth can make us feel a little self-conscious.

In most cases we should be able to prevent surface staining with regular cleaning, while more stubborn stains may need to be tackled by a dental professional.

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